Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProExcellence?

The AVAA Excellence Program promotes integral development of young university students in Caracas, Carabobo and Zulia through the development of five competencies: self-management, citizenship, leadership, teamwork and usage of Information and Communications Technologies, all identified by UNESCO as fundamental for the formation of professionals in the 21st century.
The program is 4, 5 or 6 years long, depending on the career, and is made up of the following components:
– Training in 5 competencies.
– English language training at the Venezuelan American Center.
– English conversation clubs.
– Volunteering program with social impact.
– Mentoring program.
– Monthly economic allowance.
– Internships and job placement.

What are the requirements to obtain the scholarship?

The requirements are available on our website on the program page, ProExcellence.

Does the program have any cost?

No, the program is totally free for students who are awarded the scholarship.

When do applications for the program open?

The application process is open all year round, except for December, due to collective vacations.

Is it mandatory to have already started college studies to apply?

Yes. To apply, you need to have your first report card, which must show a GPA equal to or greater than 16 points on the 1-20 scale or its equivalent on the other scales.
There is an exception for students graduating from the Samuel Robinson Program, who can apply with the average grades obtained in the program. In this case, they must provide proof of enrollment at their respective school.

Can I apply even if I have already finished one career and am starting another?

Yes, as long as you don’t exceed the age limit of 21.

At what time are the program activities scheduled?

The activities take place from Monday to Saturday during office hours. A monthly schedule of activities is sent out to scholarship holders, which allow them to participate in activities that fit their time availability. In addition to this, the program offers the opportunity to complete online training activities and chats club.

Can I participate in the program remotely?

No. The program develops on a face-to-face basis in the states where it exists.

Can students from the interior of the country participate in the program?

Yes, as long as they study at a university in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas, Carabobo or Zulia.

Is the program present in any other state in the country?

So far, the program is being developed in Caracas, Carabobo and Zulia. For more information, please go to the section corresponding to the state “Carabobo” in the main menu of our website. The Excellence Program in the state of Zulia is in its preliminary stage.

Is the program only for long-career students?

Yes. The program is aimed at university students who are enrolled in careers that are 4, 5, or 6 years long. The training is taught simultaneously with their academic studies and with special considerations regarding students’ schedules and number of subjects taught, so as not to affect the academic requirements.

Do I have to know English to apply to the program?

No. Once the application is accepted, the student must take a free-of-charge placement test at the Venezuelan American Center (VAC), in which the degree of language knowledge is identified and the student is placed in the appropriate level.

What is an American Space?

American Spaces (AS) is a global network of public access locations that enable U.S. Embassies to build and strengthen relationships with the host country communities, showcase American culture and values, promote English language learning, education, and foster goodwill and mutual understanding.

Does the program provide scholarships to study abroad?

No. Our ProExcellence scholarship program is aimed at students in Venezuela. Counseling for studies abroad is done through our EducationUSA Advising Center.

What is the educational counseling program?

The EducationUSA program provides timely, unbiased and detailed information to those who wish to pursue higher education in the USA. You can attend one of our monthly talks for free or request personalized advice.

How to apply for a consultancy?

Check our website in the program section, and then advising program, or send an email to [email protected] with your request.

Do you grant admissions and scholarships for American universities?

The admission and scholarship process depends on each university and the student’s profile. At EducationUSA, we help to define the profile of the advisee, and to find out which institutions are the best for each student.

How can I get more information?

You can write an email to [email protected] or call +58212 235 78 21. You can also attend the informative talks that are held twice a month at our offices. See the calendar on our website,, on the program section, and select ProExcellence.

Where are the offices located?

AVAA’s offices are located in Centro Empresarial Miranda, 1st floor, office D. Los Ruices, Caracas.

Does EducationUSA offers the American visa?

No, the visa application and approval process depends on the consular officer handling the case. For more information, you can visit the website:

I am interested in a student exchange program. Can you help me?

We work with short courses for students from the age of 15, but not with exchange programs during high school years (6th year).

My child is a high school or elementary school student and I want to send him/her to the USA to finish his/her studies.

At EducationUSA we only work with students who are looking for higher education, language studies or short courses. We do not provide advising regarding elementary or high school completion in the U.S.

How can I work with you?

If you want to work with us, send your resumé to [email protected].

How to become an AVAA volunteer?

If you are interested in joining our group of volunteers, please write an email with your proposal to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

How to financially support the AVAA Excellence Program?

Interested companies can contribute to ProExcellence through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Where are the English classes held in Carabobo?

The English classes are taught at the Centro Venezolano Americano de Carabobo (CEVAC), located in Urbanization Carabobo, in Valencia. Therefore, the scholarship holders who study or live outside the capital must go to the CEVAC headquarters.

How can I apply for a ProExcellence scholarship in Carabobo?

To apply for the ProExcellence scholarships you must be formally enrolled in a five-year degree program at a university in Carabobo. Your average must be equal to or higher than 16 points and you must be in your first year or first two semesters of your university degree. To be part of the registration process, you must send your personal data to [email protected].

How can I financially support ProExcellence in Carabobo?

Through a monthly financial contribution, you can support the ProExcellence scholarships for students in Carabobo. Contact us through the following emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

How can I be a mentor to a scholar in Carabobo?

Apply as a corporate mentor and accompany a scholarship holder in his or her leadership training. As a mentor, you will receive certified training from leading academic institutions in the region. If you would like to participate, send an email to: [email protected].

Does AVAA offer interns for my company?

Yes, ProExcellence scholarship holder can do their internship in your company once they get to that stage in their university degree.